About Us

Most awarded Group since 2014

Glocal Group is one of the largest Bangladeshi conglomerates. The industries under this conglomerate include Information & Technology, Construction, Communication, Trading, Energy and Power, Shipping & Tourism, Press & Entertainment Industries.

Our Core Values

At Glocal Group, we are guided by one principle – enduring success is not only measured in financial terms, but is also measured by our commitment to the nation and its people. We recognize that how we conduct our business, and how we participate in the community in which we operate, are equally important as all that we accomplish financially. We do not compromise with quality; we set new standards of satisfaction for our customers’ lives.

Our Mission

Serving Since 2014

To be spearheaded by self-motivated and diversified workforce that is capable of bringing sustainable business result from different market, thrive to explore the futuristic need of the growing society through smart marketing management, and grow in a corporate culture where values and behavior are the spirit.


Our Strengths

Our Employees are committed to accomplish the organizational goals and objectives in a synergized environment. Our field personnel are the core contributors towards the generation & development of business for the company, creating goodwill and understanding in the market & consolidating the brand building process.
Our esteemed customers are the integral part of the business domain, without whom no business can thrive and prosper in the competitive world through the integration of all the stakeholders of our society at large.

In addition to the above, other core strengths can be highlighted as under:

Our Vision

To enrich and ensure the quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge, skill, technology and fulfill the need through experience of products and services, by offering the market a wide range of potentials.